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    Stork Babies are the coolest miniature dolls out on the market today! All dolls come with inspirational sayings and unique names. New collections made annually!
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    Proud to support Plan Canada, Plan USA and the "Because I am A Girl" initiative! Empowering children is what it's all about!
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    All dolls come with their own unique personalities and stories on our website. Every year a different international collection is created. Collect them all today!
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    Meet the creators of the Stork Babies collections! River, Starla and Elysium Phillips are the creators of this beautiful brand! Children creating toys for children around the world.
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    Now Stork Babies can be purchased with cribs, high chairs and strollers.

Stork Babies - Tiny dolls, BIG FUN!

Stork Babies are mini-bean matchbox babies - for each one you purchase 5% goes to charity.

Here at The Fiammetta Toy Co. Inc. we are so excited about our “Stork Babies” Collections!
Order them now!

Safety and Social Responsibility

The Fiammetta Toy Company™ makes toys with a safety, social and environmental conscience. Read More >

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